Video: Lanzarote & Antonio Padron 

Time-Lapse Video: Lanzarote & Antonio Padron 

Time-Lapse Video: Lanzarote Antonio Padron Time lapse video about Antonio Padron and the breathtaking landscape of Lanzarote.

Antonio Padron, an amazing architect and artist in one person has created a lot of beautiful buildings on the Canary Islands, Spain.

I like his complex of apartments in Tias, Lanzarote and met him to capture some of the details on the awesome roofs there with more than 30 of completely different chimneys with holes for little birds and in so many sizes and different shapes. Continue reading “Video: Lanzarote & Antonio Padron “

Video: Lanzarote-my love 

Time-Lapse Video: Lanzarote-mi amor / Lanzarote-my love 

Time Laps Video Lanzarote Mi AmorRecipe for a (yummy) time lapse video:

Ingredients: Combine a mystical island that has volcanoes with beautiful lava flow formations, ocean, and spectacular landscapes with a few palms, tiny white houses and the right cloudy weather.

Now add a few beams and rays of sunshine with just a bit of wind and use two motorized DIY sliders with camcorder and still photo cameras on tripods.

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“Life is wonderful, take care for it”

“Life is wonderful, take care for it.”

Young musicians from the Centro Insular de Enseñanzas Musicales star with positive and awareness-raising messages in ‘Life is wonderful, take care for it’, our new road safety campaign that appeals to the feeling of responsibility for safe driving and a more sustainable and healthy mobility.

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Lanzarote Timelapse 2019

Lanzarote Timelapse

Impressive Timelapse from Lanzarote Isla fotográfica

Imagine to be able to view thousands of photos in just 4 minutes?
This is possible thanks to the technique of the TimeLapse.
With this project I wanted to give a step further in the photography, put them in movement and thus to show what our eyes to simple view not come.
The time-lapse technique consists of a sequence of many photos make an accelerated video few seconds each sequence to show in an accelerated manner what happens around It has been 6 months of work in which I have done more than 25,000 photographs and which have put great enthusiasm and dedication.
I want to show Lanzarote from another perspective that may be only a few people know .
Thanks to my wife and my daughters for the support they have given me at all times.
Special dedication to Pedro López and Monsó Pérez.
Lanzarote Isla fotográfica – Gustavo Medina